galería parásito/…, in collaboration with tranzitdisplay, is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Czech Republic of the Uruguayan Conceptual artist Luis Camnitzer. The exhibition features a wide range of works from Camnitzer’s trajectory in recent decades.

It tries not to create a retrospective of his work, but intends to highlight certain aspects of his train of thought. The selection of works at tranzitdisplay spans from the 1960’s to the present, including two new projects for the Czech audience. The show includes what is considered his first Conceptual piece, This is a mirror. You are a written sentence (1966), which has been reformulated for the local public. The text-based artworks have all been translated into the Czech language in order to make their original meanings more accessible.

The use of printed language is the primary visual element in Camnitzer´s body of work. Words allow him to create works based on ideas as opposed to physical images. They evoke unpredictable interpretations, letting us be perplexed. Left alone in the fertile ground of uncertainty, we find ourselves forced to come to our own conclusions. The exhibition at tranzitdisplay combines some of his most recurrent themes: politics, identity, institutional critique, and the power of language to experience reality.

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