Swapping locations for a month, we embark on an endeavor at integrating what we consider to be the most interesting examples of young Polish art in Poznań and Warsaw. Small galleries are first and foremost mobile institutions – a fact that we seem to forget on a daily basis. We hope that the EXPO Kolonie / Stereo project will allow the public, critics, collectors, and curators to see the art of the young generation in a slightly broader context, and will make them aware of points of convergence and characteristic features of the creative philosophy of both communities. The act of holding “away” exhibitions offers us a chance to take a fresh look at our own art. At the same time, we reflect upon on the operation of small commercial galleries on the threshold of the second decade of the 21st century, including their obligations, functions and strategies. For these reasons, Stereo Gallery will spend a month being hosted by the Kolonie Gallery, and Kolonie will be hosted by Stereo.

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