The artist Kate V Robertson created a site specific installation called “Plaza”. The work questions the meaning of public and private spaces. It is composed from handmade cement tiles covering the wooden floor of the gallery (a leaving room in a shared flat). During the exhibitions, the visitors are destroying the work, but the work materializes at that moment. “My ears rang as I walked my empty street. I left the uproar dizzied and sighing. I had been energized by emotion but now felt my own weight as if my clothes carried water. I was blank, drifting into leaden vacuousness. I could no longer hear it. I had passed out of its range and couldn’t recall the point at which the shouting and drums had disappeared. Revelation was not entirely lost to me, and at moments the movement of the crowd lingered in my pace. I felt their bodies still pressing me, their warmth reaching my skin through the night air. I felt the energy and sound that ran around us that wafted over our heads and though our hair, down to our scalps and raised the skin of our necks. We had stood on tiptoe to receive as much as we could, and lost sight of our outrage in those moments of fruition.” – Geneva Sills, curator.

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