Sharing a collective memory and history of Czechoslovakia, a group of  young artists respond to the cultural experience of temporality and novelty that London as a world metropolis offers.

In a variety of media,  an independent and  personal oeuvre is  formed  and developed. The show is revealing and concealing, moving between the positions of outside and inside;  engaging  with themes  of duality, ambiguity and  transgression through the eyes of the post-communist and post-punk  generation.

Fictional subjectivities become intertwined with an ironic contemplation of current social issues; the clash this occasions played out amid the walls of the gallery. References to Bataille’s writings resonate with stark sculptural non-objects, paused lyrics  materialize in thin lines of paintings,  and glossy surfaces of shopping windows are left distorted by the artist’s interventions.  The notion of localizing art is entertained, yet its position is directed outwards to the cosmopolitan.


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