The process which led to a crack or fracture in a material is reconstructed by cracks.

By parallel display of photographed cracks and neglected interiors, Dušica Dražić has pointed out, in two different registers – at micro and macro level, to a possibility of reconstruction of a defunctionalisation process of a certain space in a form of a concrete event, therefore the title of the work. Obscure spaces, in which nothing or barely a detail are discernible, by offering a minimum information, leave space open for posing a number of possible questions regarding the nature of the event itself: concerning its causes, circumstances, specificities, reasons for its defunctionalisation. A spectator, not being completely certain what sort of event is taking place, reacts to that situation by having at its disposal a number of arbitrary scenarios, which he is trying to connect with a situation photographed. However, the inability of defining the event itself does not include only negative scenarios (those concerning dying out, abandoning) but also those pointing out to potentials for its revival in a new context.

Maja Stanković


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  1. isha says on23. Aug. 2011:

    oh dear! what is she talking about? rubbish!!!!

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