Vít Soukup na své nejnovější výstavě v prostorách Karlín studios prezentuje výsledek své roční tvorby, v němžIn his exhibition at Karlin Studios, Vít Soukup presents the result of a yearlong creative process in which he transforms – with his characteristic painterly sensitivity – the world of virtual “heroes” of children’s toys or “fairy-tales for adults” (toy Indians or Star Wars action figures) into a set of heroes reflecting the ambivalence of values in today’s world, with its unconscious faith in modern patron saints in the form of “heroes” ranging all the way from Superman to Taliban martyrs. A model example of such a value system – with clearly defined extremes of good and evil that allow us escape the postmodern relativization of values (and, in the Czech case, nihilistic small-mindedness) – is Star Wars, which also forms a dominant and integrative component of Soukup’s project,dominated by a sculpture of DarthVader at the key moment of deciding between the dark side and light side of the Force. Although we can understand the exhibition’s title within the context of George Lucas’s American fairy-tale, the sculpture is primarily the artist’s contribution to the eternally messy concept of “patriotism” – as represented by one of our country’s few warrior “superheroes,” Jan Žižka, whose statue rises from a hill not far from the gallery itself.

Viktor Čech

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