Luis Camnitzer was born in Lübeck, Germany in 1937. At one year of age, his family left for Uruguay, where he was raised.He studied in Montevideo, and after receiving the Guggenheim Fellowship in 1961, he left for the USA in 1964, settling in New York City. Initially emigrating for his career, when the political situation changed in Uruguay to a brutal dictatorship in 1973, he found himself in exile. This initiated the subjects that appear in his work to date: identity and exile, otherness, resistance, while also imbuing political content within his writing and practice.

The use of printed language is the primary visual element in Camnitzer´s body of work. The selection of works at tranzitdisplay spans from the 1960s to the present, including two new projects for the Czech audience. The show includes what is considered his first conceptual piece, This is a mirror. You are a written sentence (1966), which has been reformulated for the local public. The text-based artworks have all been translated into the Czech language in order to make their original meanings more accessible.

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