Hard Copy is a propaganda project constituted around futuristic forms of disastrous mistranslation, tremendous cultish mannerism and friendly speculation on pre-fabricated life in post-industrial contexts – produced by the pleasure of having a rich family.

This third edition of the exhibition series Bcc is co-curated by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel and Raoul Zöllner in collaboration with Larry´s. Initiated by Aurélia Defrance, Julie Grosche and Aude Pariset, Bcc is a series of exhibitions based on the concept of curators materializing digital files sent by invited artists.

This time contributors of many natures sharing a common background in contemporary visual culture will supply a curated selection of appropriated web-images as raw material. Artist and self-publishing-collective Larry´s will convert them into an edition of mess-produced spam-sculptures and a print on demand issue.

Hard Copy is an investigation of the consumption culture of web-based images focusing on appropriation through de-and recontextualization of visual fragments as curation of the self and confusion of references, as a result of the heavy eclectic bastardization and universalization of globalized visual vocabulary.


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