The title refers to a place distant from a city noise and vanities … somewhere far below the pines and scrubs lies mountain lake. The crystal clear surface of the water reflects only the narrow ring of rocks and pure blue sky. To get there one has to exceed his own limits and undertake an usually hard vertical climbing. The scenery that awaited us up there is definitely a treasure – hidden high above our minds.
By elevating the terrain we discover what we have actually forgotten at home – or in worse case in the train. Hurting shoes we were not aware of before… extremely sweet lemonade in a heavy bottle and sunbathing cream left at home in bathroom. It’s all torture all the way up hill. Finally at the spot we realize that another group of so called tourists has driven all the way up from the other side with their 4WD.
Back home – beaten and resigned we realize that we have gained something at last. Pain from burned skin and blisters is mixing with wild dreams from heatstroke. We feel like flying over open countryside. Flowers and birds are speaking to us with grand mum´s voice. Our own father with a face of an old bear takes us finally down safely. The most expensive map we have ever bought was actually totally useless up there – but somehow it signifies that we have won our absurd personal challenge.
The city-dwellers are physically confronted with the primordial non-city. The artworks of authors of the middle and older generation who had examined the relations of people and the open landscape during the years of the communist normalization is supplemented by the works of the youngest authors. Vladimír Havlík and Michal Kern are represented with their fundamental works in landscape. New born urban shamans could be heard in voice of Ladislav Vondrák, Matyáš Chochol and Barbora Kleinhamplová. The large scale installation of Tereza Fišerová is a challenge  to visitors’ physical limits. Štefan Papčo creates 3D landscape models referring to his own mountain climbing experience. Lucia Sceranková rediscovers poetical and mythological messages forgotten but still present in surrounded spring fields and meadows.
Dušan Zahoranský



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