I noticed a certain suspicion in his work and expression.

Suspicion not in a negative way but as a kind of irony, which isn’t a cheap pretence to camouflage confusion, but puzzling the intention or the art work tone. The humour there isn’t grotesque. The right definition would be an easiness.

Key to the selection are different approaches of the artists to the the video medium. For Petr Krátký is video a contemporary fulfillment of his conceptual attitude, Mark Ther is familiar with a film language, and Macula uses video as a design strategy.

David Kořínek (curator of the August issue profiles)


2x comments “Krátký Petr”

  1. kmonnor says on28. Aug. 2011:

    od 06:15 do 06:45 nejde zvuk

  2. vaclav says on08. Sep. 2011:

    (je-vole ty ses o 184 hodin starsi nez ja)

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