The exhibition Home Edition comes with the attempt to reflect today’s everyday life and peace away from everyday life of institutions that we call home.

But the home has changed radically during the past century, as well as the social stability. Together with space of intimacy and a traditional family, which is a direct opposite of working place and institutions, it has changed into an open space characterized by different forms of coexistence and communication. Mobility and flexibility, existential nomad lives are mixing together with an amazing archaism and old-new home rituals. The home as a commercial product of life-style magazines is at the same time a place, where customs and community function on the basis of solidarity and a gift, last the longest. We will see that home is a place, where the paradox of archaism together with a radical development appear particularly colourfully.

Slovakian and foreign authoresses invited to work on the project are dealing in their work with the problem of an intimate space as the place of intimity, the place of an individual imagination, family peace and a constant division of labour but also the place of isolation and inner discomfort. The rituals related to classifying, snugging and embellishing the most personal place are issues of interest in works of most of the artists. The outstanding feature of their attitudes is an inobtrusive humour, playfulness, the base of which is contemplation of the closest surroundings, pragmatic operations and individual expressions of everyday life. They are characterized by a certain form of a bizarre narrativity and visuality corresponding to an absurdness of some everyday situations and personal problems. The artists will present at the exhibition their latest works, most of them will be introduced to the Slovak public for the first time. The selection is distinguished by media diversity: a video, an installation, a photograph, a painting, a drawing, an object.

Although the stress is not put on the problem of gender dissimilarity, the choice of the artists and their surveying of the issue ask questions automatically and offer interpretative levels related to a generic issue in the contemporary art. These can be enormously contributive if we stop using modernistic criterions, including the categories of ideology and institutions. In this respect the exhibition with its concept and confrontation of each approach brings new stimulations for formation of gender issues as well.

Exhibition Home Edition comes with the attempt to reflect today’s everyday life and peace, that we call home.


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  1. Jan Twentyfortysix says on13. Aug. 2011:

    Who is more feminist?
    Those who speaks of house work or those who just do what they want to do leaving their home work behind? Isn’t the house work theme just a lack of further expression and mental freedom?

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