Members of the group have changed a lot and until recently I believed there are other artists too.The question is if it is a group or a company. But the answer isn’t important, as it would just give evidence of the Czech conditions in judging different attitudes to artwork. I feel it is rather an art group. Macula’s work puts together artists, who found certain limits of their work and together they try to outperform them. They focus on video mapping their own way. A graphic designer approaches the surface of a facade in a different way than a photographer and together they are able to give it a dimension of a time axis. Connecting a static surface (random space) and a moving picture appears exciting to me.

Key to the selection are different approaches of the artists to the the video medium. For Petr Krátký is video a contemporary fulfillment of his conceptual attitude, Mark Ther is familiar with a film language, and Macula uses video as a design strategy.

David Kořínek (curator of the August issue profiles)




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