The aim of VÚB Foundation painting Award is to help talented young artists.The aim of the Painting Competition – VÚB Foundation Award is to help talented young artists to entrench in the professional art platform and at the same time to popularize contemporary art to the public. A travelling exhibition is the first occasion to show a retrospection of the awarded ones in other Slovakian towns as well. Registered paintings give evidence in the competition’s favour – in it’s 5th year it was 87 artists. The Painting competition is a long-term project of the foundation’s program For art, the mission of which is to support contemporary Slovakian art and to help beginning artists to launch their art career. Profiles of the finalists and their works can be seen in a virtual gallery at www.nadaciavub.sk

In the travelling exhibition will be presented:Andrea Bartošová, Michal Bôrik, Michal Czinege, Eva Činčalová, Jarmila Džuppová, Alexandra Fazekašová, Ľudmila Hrachovinová, Juraj Kollár, Monika Pascoe Mikyšková, Juliana Mrvová, Erik Šille, Ján Vasilko a Ivona Žirková.


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