Special Programmes

Artyčok.TV as a documentary, archival and publication centre is primarily resistant to classification and preference of different ways of attitudes to work.That’s why the realization team while collecting events across institutions, galleries, communities, movements and schools includes into its database a spectrum of participants who couldn’t have (for different reasons) their solo report.

The first contribution Africa was made by a Spanish director José Ángel Martínez and Czech artist Erik Sikora |Tenorio.


4x comments “La primera Afrika”

  1. orX says on03. Sep. 2011:

    Moc pěkně udělaná reportáž :-)

  2. Jan Twentyfortysix says on04. Sep. 2011:

    thanks Jose :)

  3. José Ángel Martínez Tenorio says on07. Sep. 2011:

    thanks for posting my work has been a pleasure to be with you

  4. paco says on25. Sep. 2011:

    come back !!

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