Oskar Dawicki (1971) belongs to the most interesting representatives of the young generation of Polish artists.The exhibition What Is Wrong With Oskar Dawicki? at Faica Gallery is his first solo presentation in Slovakia. Videos, photography, installation and sound work can be found in the exhibition. His exceedingly diverse work, at first based on performance art, is characterized by post-conceptual character, irony, humour, absurdity, unique poetics, but also critical thinking and solving of the existential dilemmas of his own identity and the status of the artist in the society. The exhibition presents works like photographs of “legal Polish cannabis” (a ficus plant with leaves trimmed to the shape of hemp), an artificial Christmas tree which lost its needles, a small plant growing from a bottle of antidepressants, a video in which the artist had a bit from all the apples of the Tree of Knowledge, or a video in which balloons tied to his arms prevent him from hanging himself. Works in Warsaw.



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