Parallel Worlds by artist Neven Korda is a visual equipment of urban space, audio-visual events, interactive objects.This year it happened for it’s 5th time. It’s some kind of a jam session by various visual artists, mostly VJ’s. More than 20 artists are involved. There are big projections placed all around Metelkova mesto, on the building surfaces and on fabric screens. It also contains media objects and interactive games.

From the interview with Neven Korda:

Parallel worlds is a project of collective visualisation of urban space.

Video dominates and most of the artists who participates in this project are video artists, mostly VJ’s, so to say. There are also other types of artists, mostly visual and conceptual artists.

Parallel worlds is a quite direct title and the idea is that basic, author’s role is to allow infrastructure in which visual artists can include. Parallely. To insure numerus switch of artists at the same time and distribution of their signals at various combinations at the same time on projection surfaces.

Basically, it is an art of projecting. It is not hierarchicaly edited. Already on technical bases, one artist is projecting near to the other. It is not a micture variant because micture variant is a bit totalitaristic, everyone contributes but one makes a mix from it all as a final product.


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