Sun faded sound of the San Franciscan duo Barn Owl has absorbed unhurriedly an extensive history of American blues and folk music including the hindermost times of American-Indian shamans.

The first records cut by traditional labels of a modern psychedelic wave such as Foxglove, Not Not Fun or Blackest Rainbow can’t deny kinship with other „hippies“ and quasi oriental touch. All this was absorbed by a hot ground whose cracks release dust. Beneath the clouds or a fish eye of the moon, which is the time Barn Owl seeks after rather than a scorching sun and during endless rambles in sandy lands it will crunch in your teeth – inevitable dry feeling on your palate – as you may know from Neil Young and Zelienople or recent Earth. But this wandering doesn’t lead to any real place, sometimes you stop and wait which way the mescaline will drift you on. Recent albums came out in Root Strata, Important and nowadays a respected label Thrill Jockey took them under wings.

For many of us the highlight of the night will be Jefre Cantu-Ledesma who is behind the above mentioned (outstanding) label Root Strata and who is a part of the Alps and above all of old Tarentel (they belong among the most exceptional post rock bands ever) and he of course features solo. He released under his name large number of breathtaking ambient records and collaborations whose minimalism is a magical example of perfect internal harmony, nay an expression of helplessness or a tedious formalism. His last record Love Is A Stream with John Twell (Xela, Type records) or Lisa McGee (a project Hiquma akin to Barn Owl) as guests, gets out of the rut. Richly layered record elatedly combines geysers of noise and dream melodies similar to Fennesz at his best creative iniciatives. Ledesma is nevertheless coarser, his sound is “soiled by hands” nay digitally crystallic. Someone would probably say that it is a shoegaze made to the extreme.

A pianist Vojtěch Procházka belongs to our most respected young jazz artists. He is active in a group Vertigo or in a trio with two Norwegian musicians (see last year’s praised record Amoeba’s Dance) and of course in many other collaborations. He co-operated with a guitarist from Huntsville or a drummer from Christian Wallumrød Ensemble . Together with a film-maker and a multi-medial performer Martin Blažíček he explores reversed (or rather hidden) part of a piano which he preserves. Martin’s projection then provides intimate views into the interior of the instrument. Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw is a relatively progressive institution with an interesting programme. Its long-time destiny is waiting for a new building in front of the Culture Palace which is in the very center of the city. But the relocation won’t happen until 2016 and until then they don’t want to sleep inactively. That’s why they have prepared an interesting programme in a small building alongside, with a view of the Culture Palace. The main field of interest is a research into a past related to creating of the colllection and the connection of art and architecture and all kinds of urbanistic events and festivals.


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  1. Jan Twentyfortysix says on18. Sep. 2011:

    Barn Owl where super cool :), it was nice to talk to them and listen to their “darkness of the ocean”.

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