Štefan Papčo’s work bears distinctive and outstanding features of originality not just because of the way of processing it but particularly because of the theme he deals with. He is interested in extreme places and situations, mountains, mountain climbers. As he says „The aim of scuptural and space experiments is to examine landscape as a bearer of the potential to describe a long-term society development that is bound to a specific place.“

He confronts the viewers mainly with an object or an installation, often large-scale, which can evoke an anxious impalpable feeling. The objects often bear marks of an accurately done work and a high level of an aesthetic value. The artist mainly pictures real places with massifs which impressed him so much that he decided to transform and transfer them into an exhibition hall. One of the most noticable acts he created, was placing a wooden statue of a climber into a rock face of Lomnický štít, later also in Norwegian Jøssingfjord. For a long time the statue was taken by an IP camera and it was possible to watch a live broadcast at various web pages or selected public places. Štefan links his fondness for climbing with an art work and that is why his very specifically profiled expression cannot be overlooked at the Slovakian art platform.


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