Utopia on the Abyss is an inhabited sculpture curated by Mark Divo. The inhabited sculpture as a form of presentation, on the one hand refers to the salons of the 19th century, and on he other hand is form of instantistic collective art, which has been developed within the squatters movement in Zürich since the mid 1990s. The artworks exhibited are built on site, and often artists collaborate spontaneously, through this process the authorship of the artworks become increasingly difficult to define. By placing the art pieces next to furniture from the junkyard and found objects from the street, the concept of the priceless artwork is put into question. The inhabited sculpture also defies the ruling conception of art being the product of an individual artist.

With society having more and more free time at hand the artist utopia of creative individuals teaming up to explain the world could be the brige over to the abyss of consumerism we are currently falling down.


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