Elvis Krstulović is an artist born in Rijeka, currently based in Zagreb. His work is non – media specific, ranging from more traditional expressions such as painting, drawing, photography and text to publications, installations and interventions in public and gallery space. In his publication ‘Negative Space’ (2007) and the installation ‘Rhetoric Bodies’ (2008) he is exploring the notion of identity as performative and a product of language, building his ‘failed’ structures that try to make language itself visible but also elusive. In works ‘Scars’ (2008) and ‘Sitecuts’ (2009) he has been working on the idea that the subject functions in social systems and public spaces as subversive text. In these works he has been inserting individual narratives within gallery spaces and transitional semi-public spaces that might be defined as non-places. Currently he is working on collaborative projects with Iva Kovač dealing with the relationship of art and market, as well as art’s practical and political (d)efficiency in social matters.

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