Nevin Aladağ presented in her retrospective Dim The Lights 6:07 min in Tanas most of her recent work. The exhibition offers different attitudes towards light and time conception, visualisations and processing, visibility and duration. It all happens mostly on the basis of sound. Aladağ is already the third authoress and a graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Munich who was acquised for a live archive Artyčok. In the database, the work of Carsten Recksik with Andrea Faciu can be also seen .

Tanas project represents Turkish exhibitions in Berlin. Due to its programme it differs from familiar „national cultural embassies“ such as Austrian Cultural Forum – Berlin, Spanish Instituto Cervantes or Czech Centre. Tanas is a follow-up of activities linked with Biennale in Istambul, exhibition halls such as Borusan, Platform Garanti or Proje 4L. which introduced many young Turkish artists into an international context.


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