The work of Lucia Dovičáková (video, painting, photography) is characterized mostly by a direct interpreting of the concept and tendencies towards explicit statements, sometimes colored with personal symbols. Her pictures give impression of economy, diary notes emerging from the personal experience, memories, phobias, analysis of very personal relationships, yet with a „provided truth“ which irritates the author in many ways. In Lucia’s case, we perceive an absolute and a very open testimony but we are missing a centric exhibitionism or a general blurring. The paintings are mostly accompanied by brief slogans, which open up the author’s actual intention. Without any useless arabesques, Lucia „puts up“ on a raw canvas what she has to say, or what she has to get rid of. In other times, she comments on old pictures or little newspaper cut-outs. She often deals with and parodies the question of the female role in the social tradition, which constantly strains and frustrates the part of the female population. The important role in her introspection goes to the exploration of her own and other people`s sexuality, her copying with deviations (exhibitionists, who expose themselves to girls in the park) by corporeality and a violation of intimacy („parent- post-holiday check-up“) as well as very ordinary problems such as tight „punk“ trousers which complicate „certain activities“ or furious pensioners trying to get on the bus. With her very own and very personal honesty she goes into describing the inner personal relationships, sibling solidarity, a couple cohabitation or friendship. She often pictures herself as a little girl, setting her eye directly at the viewer, or in everyday situations of which we do not generally talk.

(text by Diana Majdáková, In: East of Eden. Súčasné umenie z Košíc / East of Eden.Contemporary art from Košice, exhibition catalogue, 2008)


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