The exhibition entitled The Curious Case of Ifs and Whens will mark the tenth anniversary of the Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos Award, one of the most relevant awards for young artists in Serbia. The exhibition will include the works of previous winners of the Award and mark the opening of this year’s Call for applications for the Mangelos Award. The title The Curious Case of Ifs and Whens refers to the case when the logic of a network of preconditions, circumstances, causes and consequences, interdependences and negotiations, in the space where we act becomes unpredictable and impossible to negotiate, so that it becomes the space of uncertainty and insecurity.

The space we act in is real, “empirical”, yet, it is defined within the limits of the potential “ifs” and “whens”. These only provide only a hint of possible liberation from the cause-and-effect relation, a mere hint of possibility of achieving the “deal”.  When this deal keeps eluding us over and over again, the logic of this network becomes intangible, the negotiation impossible and the space we act in – uncertain.

The works presented at the exhibition recognize certain elements and moments of described state of insecurity and uncertainty. They record and examine its laws and action possibilities in different ways: from reexamination of possibilities of artistic action and its potential (Vladimir Nikolić), (im)possibility of social action (Katarina Zdjelar), transformation of passive observer into the performer, performative relation to the city or relocation of the point of view (Siniša Ilić, Dušica Dražić, Milena Putnik), to (re)examination of the position of individual in a tense relationships between intimacy, radical individualization, the reality of the national state and their own, personal (meso) environment (Milica Ružičić, Ivana Smiljanić, Ivan Petrović).


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