Taking as his point of departure the excrements and garbage (also literally) of contemporary visual and material culture, Matecki produces painterly beings – paintings, objects and installations – representing the highest degree of sophistication. In his works, he combines press photographs and reproductions with a noble painterly camouflage. Matecki’s art has a radical and experimental nature. Vulgar at times, his works flirt with pornography and politics, only to win (in a somewhat unclear way) the forces of evil over to his side. Simultaneously, this art has a peculiar and rare quality – an ability to revolutionize one’s way of perceiving reality and to reconstruct a “better world” using pieces of the one in which we breathe everyday. Matecki’s painting has an exceptional rhetorical force which is used to challenge the culture, including its most down-to-earth manifestations. It brings a specific, non-academic sensitivity to the painterly image and, at the same time, a countercultural energy that lets the paintings – constructed out of quotations, stencils, torn-out press photos – have a life of their own, here and now..


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