According to an important French philosopher of post-modernism J. F. Lyotard ( 1924-98) is modern art distrustful of „reality“ and that is why it doesn’t depict it but rather examines. Jan Haubelt also examines reality in his work and in the background of his exhibition called „The real name“ a report „Words, Objects, Pictures“ is shown. The aim of the report is not just to inform about the exhibition. A curator of the exhibition, an artist Michal Pěchouček features in the report to show the viewers who are not familiar with modern art where the traditional aesthetical qualities can be in the „aesthetically less profuse conceptual artworks“ found. These are for example wholeness, clarity, formal perfection or a basic aesthetical quality – beauty. Similar meaning has also the way Jan Haubelt explains his work. The aim of his explanation is to provide a less knowledgeable viewer with clues how the given works can be possibly (but not necessarily) perceived.


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