Special Programmes

Second part of report, which was made by José Ángel Martínez Tenorio during his residency in Artyčok.tv studio.

1. place: Vyner Street
You will see in this Africa…

2. place: Jelení Gallery
date: 15.9. – 2.10. 2009
artist: Luděk Rathouský
name of event: The Island of the Day Before|Ostrov včerejšího dne

3. place: Club 007, Strahov, Praha
date: 4.3.2008
artist: Black Dice

4. place: Jelení Gallery
date: 14.9. 2009
artist: Václav Magid

5. place: Natural History Museum, London

6. place: Club 007, Prague
date: 4.3.2008
artist: Black Dice

7. place: Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana
date: 20.9 – 1.10.2010
artist: Stefan Doepner, Marc Dusseiller, Bostjan Leškovsek

8. place: streets in Berlin
date: summer 2010

9. place: London, Oxford Street ?

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