Exhibition of the finalists of JCH Award 2011 Filip Cenek, Dominik Lang, Pavel Sterec, Marek Ther and Jiří Thýn will be held at DOX. In their collective exhibition, they present conceptual art, the moving image and photography in case of one installation. Dominik Lang presents a space construction enabling the visitors to look into the background of art production. Jiří Thýn focuses on the abstract level of photography, reflecting and exploring photography as a medium in his installation. Filip Cenek presents multiple channel slide projections mediating narrative modes that are not defined by chronological order. Pavel Sterec uses a stalagmite and a meteorite borrowed from the National Museum in his installation related to two happenings; the “living library” with scientists in the Koněprusy Caves and speed dating in a Prague astronomical observatory. Mark Ther, who has been dealing with video art on a long-term basis, focusing primarily on the theme of human identity, presents a video story of lost children of eighty years ago. The exhibition architect is Zbyněk Baladrán, multiple finalist of the JCH Award.


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