The Drifting Identity Station is initiated as a research platform to monitor and preserve the data related to the evolving state of identity in a given context, here in the context of European Union and the countries of Baltic region and neighbouring countries of the Eastern Partnership (Belarus, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan).

Visual art projects and other contributions that will be on display in the Station comment on the evolution of the social engineering project of European Union, as a political construct in progress and the political identity of the neighbouring countries at its current state. At the same time the artists assume the posture of researchers that collect the samples from the field in order to preserve the residual traces that re-articulate the post-socialist condition. The area of research is extended to Mediterranean region that most recently become a fertile ground for the export of European democracy.



  1. 2046 says on09. Nov. 2011:

    I think I should go to Vienna to see the Greek god. It’s a pity that such a video cannot be find on torrents.

  2. hluchavka says on09. Nov. 2011:

    I like this show and report, but that placeholder picture is really shitty.

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