Born in Netherlands, in 1981. Studied Cultural Sciences at the Free University Amsterdam and photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Haag. She moved from Haag to Bratislava in 2005. As part of the project human landscapes, she published two photography books about Slovakia’s cities Bratislava and Kosice where she documented rapid transformation and modernization of public spaces, willing to provide a platform for discussion and reflection on the impact of these changes. What is the identity of these two biggiest cities of Slovakia, how they deal with the buildings of socialism? And commercialism? Who are the people from Bratislava and Kosice and how they interact with their environment?

2x comments “Illah van Oijen”

  1. 2046 says on29. Jan. 2012:

    I totally love this “report”. Her view is naturally distorted by her visitors view that she is aware of. What I like the most is the trueness of what she do. It wont change the society, but it gives me what I need the most. The different view on thinks that seams to be common and understood.


  2. Melinda Williams Isaacson says on29. Jan. 2012:

    This profile gives me a sense of Slovakia and Kosice from the artist’s point of view and sensibility through her documentation. The sense of artistic freedom and creative community that Ms. Van Oijen embraces seems to live within this changing part of the world through its youth and creative artists from various countries. Is it a transitory moment in time, or a more lingering and permeating memorial to tradition bound with the global-financial evolution? Would that the forces of change could sustain the cultural essence of forebears in this region and the traditions and values in the character of its natural settings and beauty and carry this alive into a new 21st century aesthetic.

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