The selection of the artists should draw the line between the most recent and also the very fundamental artworks that deal with the strategy of inverting reality into a story. Three Czech artists – photographers are dealing with particular phenomenon of human visual disposition. Thanks to its accessibility nowadays, it is flexible to help us gain power over surrounding visual situations. Three Czech photographers critically inquire the role photography might still play as a medium of meaningful “real – life” reflection. Alena Kotzmannova does it by deepening our sensitivity toward found and collected discreet but poetically rich moments. Kateřina Držková invents unique strategies through which she depicts social relations hidden behind the origin of photographical image. Because of the role photography has played already in our personal memories it functions as a rich referential capsule. Markéta Kinterová makes use of the practice of documentary photography, but she also adds her own manner of “purposeful” shooting. Even her situations – accidentally found outside, look like events directed by an unknown omnipresent author.

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