Often, the work featured in d1sc0nN3ct falls in or around the domain of “glitch.” The term glitch refers to an error in a system – when, for instance, there is a mistranslation between file types, circuitry gets damaged, or an obsolete piece of equipment is asked to read a new type of software. When these disruptions in transmission occur, the user is confronted with a visual and/or auditory artifact; an unexpected and inscrutable signifier of a process gone wrong.

As users/consumers, the glitch is frustrating – an impediment to our work, something to be eradicated with more “invisible” interfaces and software. But these artists take the residues of failed attempts at digital communication and turn them into poetic, aesthetic acts. The jarring, disturbing, or surprisingly beautiful results can serve as a Dada-esque tribute to destruction; an ephemeral encounter with accidental moments of beauty; or subversive signs that point to the cracks in goal-oriented, upgrade-obsessed consumer culture. Collectively, these dirty new media works subtly interrogate the systems of power that underpin the realm of the digital, creating a playful and disruptive static in the channels of communication.

In addition to a gallery show in the Townhouse Factory Space, d1sc0nN3ct features a daily series of programs on issues related to glitch, net-based, and digital art. Many artists working with a digital and/or net-based practice find traditional gallery modes of presentation unsatisfactory. d1sc0nN3ct explores different exhibition formats to allow for varied interactions with these immaterial forms.


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