The artistic couple Majolenka (Lenka Klimešová and Maja Štefančíková) (*2009) use found material, site-specific, gender physique, and feministic discourse. The video installation, Error Stage in 5 layers consists of a mutually connected four-channel video and surrounding viewers to directly communicate with them. The installation represents a stage where the viewers become part of a cross communication. The main protagonists are the authors themselves who provide a dialogue commenting process of creation. The authors create a work with a typical process: they are simultaneously contradicted by voices of the superego that doubts their status, self-confidence and their sense of creativity. The mutual confrontation of the ego and superego is distinguished by two kinds of takes (detailed and whole). They have chosen a form of changeable identity: masquerade and cross-dressing. The superego represents self-criticism and auto-censorship to simultaneously parody the curators. The authors chose the stage as a metaphor for the art scene – authorship building, roles of (viewer, director/author, and critic/curator) and the principles of a play with Aristotle’s tragedy structure. The couple Majolenka manipulates phases of the art process – from creative crisis, idea, concept, realization, to perception of ready artwork and criticism. They ironically use art criticism terminology causing ambivalence and stratification.

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