For its inauguration, the centre is launching an exhibition that comprises several major installations by José-María Cano, Michael Bielicky and Kamila Richter, Matej Krén, and Jiří Hůla in collaboration with Dominik Lang.

The title and content of the largest of the four projects, Welcome to Capitalism! is ideally named and creates a thought provoking context for the whole DOX opening by connecting art to the accumulation of capital. It comprises several series of paintings by the Spanish artist José-María Cano that represent symbols common to the world of financial transactions, which pervade and influence many different facets of our lives. Cano finds his subjects in printed media, enlarges them many times, and meticulously transposes them into the ancient medium of encaustic paintings, in other words he transforms them into contemporary icons. In Cano‘s work, art reveals itself as an unabashed symbol of wealth and power –an essence of the contemporary world.

Michael Bielicky’s video installation Falling Times (created in collaboration with Kamila Richter and Dirk Reinbold) presents a continual and growing real-time news translation machine that displays the constantly appearing and disappearing information about our times. The artists seek to bring attention to the “infopollution” we live in, suggesting that the news producers are the biggest information polluters of our time. The artists intention is thus to contribute to the info/ecology discourse and to question the perception of the news and information in general.

The Slovak artist Matej Krén has created The Sediment, a massive installation that consists of a huge curved wall made out of books. Like Cano, Krén connects the worlds of materials and symbols in a new and shocking ways while creating an unsettling physical reality. Both the book and the wall are material things and contain multifaceted symbols. The Wall can be seen as a physical obstacle with various symbolic connotations, but also as a metaphor of individual and collective memory whose nature, in spite of its material substance, is immaterial.

The unique exhibition The Archive, assembled by Jiří Hůla and originating in 1984, documents the artistic activities in the former Czechoslovakia. At the DOX opening, it represents not only a collection of documents and an open information system for storing and searching data, but primarily as an art project inspired by a utopian idea of the infinite open universe hidden in the printed matter of paper. DOX asked the young Czech artist Dominik Lang to create an installation to make these artistic aspirations of Hůla’s project available for everyone.

one comment for “WELCOME TO CAPITALISM!”

  1. eliska votavova says on21. Feb. 2009:


    i definitely must to recomended especially work of art from Matej Kren!
    U better see it after sunset when the gallery is dark and u can enjoy as much as you can play of lights and secret hall inside of work of art of wall made by books…u shouldn´t go to see it alone…!!!

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