Parliamentary elections began on November 28, 2011, and for the first time in Egypt’s recent history, the field is wide open to parties spanning the entire political spectrum. These diverse candidates are now constructing public campaigns to communicate their vision and core values – a task that will be new for many of them. What visual strategies will each party use to communicate their message? As consumers of these images, how are we impacted by the iconography of these political narratives?
“The Politics of Representation” is a participatory exhibition that will actively construct a real-time archive of these narratives, even as they are being crafted around us. Townhouse will collect the posters, stickers, banners, fliers, photographs and other ephemera produced throughout the month, and present them (organized chronologically, and by party) in the First Floor Gallery. The public is also invited to bring in items that they find throughout the duration of the exhibition. 
Through this process, the audience will be able to witness the definition of these diverse visual identities; the symbols, colors and designs each party chooses to identify with; and any sudden changes that are made in reaction to events on the ground. Visitors will also gain a heightened awareness of how they are reacting to, negotiating, and consuming these different visualities. But on a more critical level, “The Politics of Representation” will function as a tangible witness to the construction of this key moment in Egypt’s history, and assemble an archive of political ephemera that will continue to serve as a resource beyond the lifespan of the exhibition.
“The Politics of Representation” will continue through January, so that the public may continue to reflect on these representations as the results of the elections start to come in.



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