The title “ephemeral” is the curated guiding theme of the exhibition in the offspace flat1. The considerations are based on the assumption that an awareness of transience is a basic human characteristic.

This awareness goes hand in hand with the capacity to better remember events from long ago. The duality of remembering and forgetting, in between the act of dying and passing away, seems to be one of the most important factors determining a person’s future, as for example the Danish philosopher S.ren Kierkegaard describes: “Indeed, forgetting is the right expression for the proper assimilation that reduces experience to a sounding board. So nature is so great, because it has forgotten that it once was a chaos; but the thought of chaos can reappear at any time.” The exhibition “ephemeral” also concludes the 2011 exhibition series, which featured the individual person as a being that is embedded in his or her world-historical and early roots.


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