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Artyčok TV is an online platform for contemporary art, monitoring and co-creating art scene events and related cultural activities. Artyčok TV was created in 2005 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, and though at the beginning of its existence, the platform focused primarily on the local context, it soon enlarged its scope way beyond the borders of Europe. Artyčok TV’s database of audiovisual material in the form of exhibitions reports, profiles, and lectures by theorists and artists has become a unique source of information for artists and art school students, as well as for general public having interest in contemporary art. Since the content of Artyčok TV is developed mainly by artists, curators and theoreticians, Artyčok TV has also become an important articulation tool of the art community.

Media Arts

Artyčok TV offers not only original reportages, but also other formats. Videoart/Audiovisual is a section focusing primarily on contemporary forms of Czech and Slovak video art and art of moving image. It became, later on, part of a larger category, Media Arts, which uses various means to document and make accessible both older and contemporary artworks in cooperation with archives, curators and artists.
Besides its non-curated contributions in the section Videoart/Audiovisual, the Academic Research Centre of the Academy of Fine Arts (VVP AVU) contributes regularly to the Media Arts section. Material in the section Window to the VVP AVU Video Archive presents older works (material dating back to the end of the 20th century), works on the border of video art, film and document, as well as documentary material related to the recent development of Czech and Slovak fine art.
Another curated section is Online Exhibitions where mutual connections are made between works by various artists focusing primarily on technical and moving image.

Special Programmes

The core of the heterogeneous and ever growing section Special Programmes are analytically and critically oriented formats, it nevertheless offers also other types of distinctive art reflexion, e.g. Alpy im vranním sluníčky, closely connected to the historical evolution of Artyčok TV. More recent additions are sections Critical Series and Curatorial History of Contemporary Art. The purpose of the Critical Series is to use audiovisual material, available in the form of an authorized edited version supplemented by a database of original interviews and other documents, in order to archive symptomatic moments related to the art scene and its institutional and social-political background, and provide material for further research.