Laban Trier Charlie


Footbridges and Bridges

The lecture entitled Footbridges and Bridges will present the latest projects of progressive and subtle constructions by the architect and structural engineer Petr Tej and Eugene Brühwiler.

Imagine a breath of fresh air

We hope that by combining a number of various artworks and projects, hints of possibility will begin to emerge, from which a way out of today’s situation, that is oppressive on many levels, can slowly be carved. When it seems there is nowhere to run, we can try running into the future – and from there, start to reshape the present.

Artlist:Talk - Martin Zetová

Artlist:Talk enriches the possibilities of this procedural documentation and offers artists a live presentation format. The aim of Artlist:Talk - like Artlist - is to provide the interested public with an understanding of contemporary artistic approaches and expression, which in this case is complemented by the unique perspective of the artists themselves.

Creative Mediation

What are the current issues of artists, curators and the contemporary art scene in Georgia? What is the new Creative Mediation program organized by CCA Tbilisi and the Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts?

Y: Petrosexuality

Andersson plays with the rigidity of academic language, which she uses with a degree of hyperbole and projects with a jovial delivery, full of sexual harassment and misogynistic remarks. The author breaks down our boundaries – just as she breaks down the barriers of the sexual undertones and hidden manifestations in the manner of communication of the masculine pop world.

From the City to the Detail

Diener has a long-term interest in the reconstruction of monuments and is a member of several foundations and commissions dedicated to this topic. The studio’s main projects include, for example, the completion of the eastern wing of the Natural History Museum in Berlin or the local Swiss embassy.


The Farmstudio Cultural Centre provides facilities for creative residencies, symposia, courses, art workshops, festivals, music, theatre and dance groups and other activities in the field of contemporary art and live culture.

All the stones are in their places

We would like to outline the conditions for a new sensibility and redefine our needs and future actions, based not only on the logic of endless production and consumption, exhausting fragile ecosystems. Last but not least, through this joint rearrangement of basic and small stones, we try to actively integrate non-growth strategies into our lives.