digitální platformy

De-platformization, Ethics and Alternative Social Media

We know and repeatedly analyze a host of issues with commercial social media and digital labour, but little attention is paid to efforts at building alternatives, such as community-run social media and other forms of de-platformization.
Against the totality of networks and corporately owned social media, what are workable strategies and ethical approaches that allow for alternative ways for our social life to emerge?

Pro(s)thetic Dialogues

Pro(s)thetic dialogues is more like a recording of a theatre performance playing out on a computer desktop. Here the human operator creates the conditions for exploring the performativity of a philosophical zombie pieced together from neural networks.

Class of Interpretation IV. - Keller Easterling: Medium Design

At a moment of digital ubiquity, it may be easier to treat the data from digital platforms as primary in contemporary innovation and to believe that, if coated with sensors in an internet of things, the stiff, dumb world will suddenly become responsive and “smart.” But the heavy lumpy components of space are themselves information systems that don’t really need digital devices to make them dance.

Limits of Coexistence

The key significance of the accelerating development of artificial intelligence and other digital systems lies in the fact that they allow us to newly recognize the plurality of other forms of non-human intelligence that we have been “secretly” surrounded by all along. We needed to invent thinking machines to notice that everything around us is thinking.


What is shared, what is private and what are the possibilities of self-presentation in contemporary screen based culture? Adopting conventions of a YouTube vlog, Magdalena’s teenage diary entries surface raw and seemingly unedited. Stored in a number of disused mobile phones; songs, gifs, low-fi images and movies weave into and trail off in unfinished stories, anecdotes, soundbites and faces from childhood, where experience of mental illness is quickly interrupted by pop lyrics.

Blind Bidding

David Přílučík takes the viewer to a situation of a generic TED Talk presentation full of techno-optimistic rhetorics, an endless potetial and right decisions. Peter Davis, a creative professional, a manager and a bureaucrat from Silicon Valley is a mere fictional figure from the no longer existent corporation Worldwide Motion Pictures Group, established by Přílučík to be able to relativise utopian commitments of similar companies.

Road to Qatar

The transformation of football as such has been continuously running since its inception in Britain in the second half of the 19th century. What started as a community activity associated with locality, corporeality and grass very quickly acquired a parallel of the commodity branch, which has gained worldwide importance due to its distribution through the media image.

Game Fiction Work

“I’m surprised how playful people are” my mom said when she saw a neighbor selling agricultural machines, horses, and eventually the entire farm just to be able to spend the whole day at the slot machine. Such “playfulness” is gradually emerging today in almost every area of ​​education, work and leisure. For this tendency, the term gamification, which is predominantly designed from the perspective of service marketing, has come to life. The game is defined, among other things, as “the role of a voluntary control system in which opposing forces are restricted by procedures and rules to produce an imbalance.”

Anton Vidokle - Institute of the Cosmos

Anton Vidokle is the type of artist who might not seem to be a very prolific author, at least not in the classical, material sense of art production. Vidokle is interested in art as a means to learn as much as possible about the world we live in, to explore it.