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APART collective

The nature of the bond uniting these individuals - two women and three men - is not clear at first: are they friends, colleagues, collaborators? Or comrades and comrades-in-arms? Do we dare to claim this designation today without pejorative or parodic intent? Comrade literally means “a fellow in a common cause”. But what is that cause?

Rotor - Another Role of Architectural Studio?

Rotor is a cooperative design practice that investigates the organisation of the material environment. They develop critical positions trough research and design. Besides projects in architecture and interior design, they also produce exhibitions, books, economic models and policy proposals. Rotor was founded in 2005. Today, a core of about a dozen long-term collaborators sets the agenda of the group.

Barbora Šimková

In Šimková's work, her own precarious social position and precarity become the starting point of her work as a social symptom, which she explores through paintings, performances or through collective installations and various institutional interventions.

Class of Interpretation - ANON collective

In their own words, the text is, “the work of ANON. We are a collective of ‘Other.’ Some of us are sex workers, some immigrants, many of us queer. There are even a few privileged white cucks amongst us. Never the less, ANON is largely the work and brainchild of people of color (PoC). Our social disciplines are as varied as our identities: from journalists to dominatrixes. ANON are the intellectual cousins of #BlackLivesMatter divorced from liberalism.”

From Alt-Right to Emancipatory Propaganda Art

To grasp the rise of new forms of authoritarianism, propaganda studies are a crucial tool, but we also must look at the particular role of propaganda art. How has the imaginary of art, theater, film, design, architecture and even games, contributed to the authoritarian imagination? And can we imagine forms of popular and emancipatory propaganda art to defend another world view?

Sweep around your own front door

Words that become popular in the world of art often quickly fall from one side to the other. The words alone are not to blame. Some of them have an imaginative power which surpasses their real meaning. They become an incantation whose weight of imagination tilts the words over the edge of depletion. Decolonisation is one of them.

On Trials, a Manual on a Collective

How do we speak the law? The enactment of the legal is a social construct brought about before the law and after its fictions. As socialised ghosts, our collective minds register each other’s codes, through methodical patterns of self-elevating humans.

Modern Genealogy

Kader Attia deals with colonial and post-colonial history and sensitively unfolds the complicated and “imbalanced” relationships between the Western and non-Western world and their mutual cultural, political, social, and technological exchange. One of his interests is architecture and the setting it creates with its spatial and political dimension. Using modern architecture as a critical example of an – often – malfunctioning living environment is an occurring subject of Attia’s work.

Anton Vidokle - Institute of the Cosmos

Anton Vidokle is the type of artist who might not seem to be a very prolific author, at least not in the classical, material sense of art production. Vidokle is interested in art as a means to learn as much as possible about the world we live in, to explore it.