I’m standing in the middle of the river and trying not to drown.

František Fekete (Issue: Poetic of Identities)


Bone Tone Shelf Self

By imitating the gestures of objects and things that are already in the gallery space; by slowing down, pausing, lingering, alighting, unwinding... through these actions we can escape the entrenched trajectories we found ourselves on in the morning, rid ourselves momentarily of what we have already become, so that we can lose ourselves in thoughts of what we might be.

Architecture of coexistence: VinziRast-mittendrin

The third part of the Architecture of Coexistence cycle answers many questions about the life of a seemingly disparate group of roommates. They met in 2009 during student riots where the space of an occupied university building provided shelter for both protesting students and the homeless. The necessary dialogue and negotiations that emerged between the overnighters and the protesters led to a simple revelation: the homeless and students can work on their goals together.

Absences in the Video Archive 2 (VVP AVU collection) - Landing on Earth with Czech Audio-Visual Art and Searching for Earthlings

In its second installment, the program “Absence in the Video Archive”, where invited guests from non-art disciplines reflect on the framework of the original audiovisual art collection - the Video Archive of the Academic Research Center at Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts, focused on environmentally themed works.

Pro(s)thetic Dialogues

Pro(s)thetic dialogues is more like a recording of a theatre performance playing out on a computer desktop. Here the human operator creates the conditions for exploring the performativity of a philosophical zombie pieced together from neural networks.

Ad finitum

The section of the motorway D11, which will run across the Trutnov and Žacléř regions will add a part of the East Bohemain frontier district, a forgotten bracket between the Krkonoše National Park and the Protected Landscape Area of the Broumov region, as another bead to an illusory rosary connecting Paris with Moscow. It is no more controversial than the other eight motoways under construction in the Czech Republic. May the presented requiem for our landscape be read ad exemplum.

Open Source Estrogen!

How do bodies queer at the molecular level? How is this queering inextricably tied to industrial capitalism? And is there a way out of capitalist ruins, one that has been further exacerbated by the pandemic?



Forms of Freedom

Swiss architecture theorist Philip Ursprung will have a dialogue with French architect Anne Lacaton, a Pritzker Prize winner from 2021. They will discuss forms of freedom in architecture and selected projects of the renowned studio Lacaton & Vassal.

Exhibitions architects - Jiří Příhoda

"The installation of the exhibitions will be entrusted to the artists. I see it as a second choice besides the fact that artists teach. "
In the course of the 1990s Jiří Příhoda experimented with video-projections and became known as the first artist on the Czech art scene expressing himself through sculptural-architectural transformations of exhibition spaces.