The exhibition of Tereza Janečková and Pavlína Míčová: Sausage Like the World Has Yet To See. Now in 3D! is rooted in the past of the Artwall gallery space. The stone frames that host the gallery today, were built in the 1950s in relation to the changes made in Letná park during the construction of Stalin’s monument. Originally, the frames were planned to hold reliefs in the style of socialist realism, but eventually they stayed empty, only occasionally serving purposes of the socialist propaganda. This project is not just a simple reconstruction, however. The reminiscence of the time of the socialist rule reacts to the general theme of memory and its overwriting. The removal of the texts and Communist symbols in the images corresponds to the disappearance of memory that takes place in public space. As authors of the project remark: „Development is ruled by a thorough removal of the remains of the past. In public space, monuments and sculptures of the Austrian Hungarian Empire were gradually liquidated just as the ones from the interwar period of the so called First Republic or the Communist regime.“


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