Mateusz Sadowski: I’ve seen too much

instituce SVIT
ůčinkující Mateusz Sadowski, Michal Lasota
kamera Ruiz De Infante Jon, Pérez Picazo Iñigo
zvuk Ruiz De Infante Jon, Pérez Picazo Iñigo
střih Lara d'Argento, Ruiz De Infante Jon, Pérez Picazo Iñigo
interview Lara d'Argento
publikováno 22. 5. 2012
jazyk Česky / English

One Train May Hide Another, a poem by Kenneth Koch explains much about the work of Mateusz Sadowski since it is pervaded by a similar spirit. Sadowski sees the world as a network, not from the perspective of technology but from life and nature – his poetry is derived from the forest. Not surprisingly he finds connections between things or “one thing hiding another”, or whether a sequence of images rests behind a primal image. Particular elements of his installations are combined by a subtle idiosyncratic bond. The work’s method is based on an accumulation of doubts and complications, undermining what can be seen and thus, it suggests various meanings. Hence, Sadowski permits different views: his works are like crossroads – one can look at them from many points of view and try to read them in many directions. His oeuvre provokes diverse questions while avoiding direct answers. Each of his works has a fundamental element of suspension, “pause to let the first one [train, thing, image or association] pass”, as Koch has written.