What is Contemporary?

artists Isidora Fićović
curators Isidora Fićović
place Gallery Magacin
cast Isidora Fićović
camera Vojislav Radovanović
sound Vojislav Radovanović
editing Vojislav Radovanović
interview Vojislav Radovanović
category Reports
published 4. 2. 2012
language Česky / English
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This work focuses on the question “What is Contemporary?” among the local art community of Belgrade. Many artists, art historians and curators were interviewed, all of which are relevant in the creation of the artistic atmosphere of Belgrade in the last twenty or thirty years until now. Side by side with Era Milivojevic, Rasa Todosijevic, Zoran Popovic, Jovan Cekic, we meet a younger generation of the contemporary local art scene, who through there individuality and subjective answers represent the present caught on digital recording.

The author gives the viewer a short insight in who the members of the contemporary Belgrade art scene are. She presents their answers to the question “What is Contemporary?” through digital video. Ficovic constantly reassesses the moment of now.

One of the answers we find in the work was given by the art historian Miroslav Karic (REMONT): “Contemporary? You want an answer in a certain time span, is that it? For me, contemporary is everything that was created, if we’re talking about art, in the last ten years. Everything recent, if we’re talking about art and I hope we are. If we’re talking about the artistic production, everything that came to life in the last five to ten years is contemporary for me.”

ISIDORA FICOVIC was born in Serbia and studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Her solo exhibitions include “Strategija”, “DAN+NOC’’, “Black Rabbit” and “Ratman” in Belgrade and she participated in group exhibitions in New York (New Museum), London (Frieze Art Fair, UK), Turkey (Depo, Istanbul) and Denmark (Rum 46, Aarhus).