Jaroslav Kyša

umělci Jaroslav Kyša
instituce Slovakia
tagy paměť monument
ůčinkující Jaroslav Kyša
kamera Tomáš Kmeť
zvuk Tomáš Kmeť
střih Kata Mach, Tomáš Kmeť
interview Kata Mach
kategorie Profily
publikováno 19. 12. 2017
jazyk Česky / English
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In his works (antiobjects) Jaroslav Kyša is trying to reflect contemporary society and confront a viewer with constantly changing presence and our insecure future. Through use of laws of physics and nature in his multimedia works, he contemplates upon humanity and its geopolitical issues. Thanks to magnetism, electrical mechanisms and software, Jaroslav Kyša disrupts functioning of gravity and perception of time. He brings attention to “short circuits” of reality and its understanding. By corruption of basic human beliefs and knowledges about physical principles, Kyša encourages questioning of general certitudes. He investigates into both conceptual and material essence of works created, which results in interaction of a viewer with the work. A viewer thus becomes a part of “short circuit” of reality.


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Jaroslav Kyša


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