On Second Thought

The exhibition is concerned with contemplative pieces that exist in themselves as unfolding inquiries, probes that fluidly transition from the quotidian to the exceptional utilizing technical means as a virtual haptic pathway inviting us to delve deeper, to consider and reconsider.

Order of Sonic Chaos: MSHR

The artistic team is meeting in the underground space to explore the psychoacoustic attributes of sound, and the physical limits and resonance properties of the human body; the use of music during rituals and religious ceremonies, and the possibility of connecting occultism, music, and sound as a means of communication, meditation and spiritual work.

Biennale Matter of Art 2022

The choir of voices that is at times consonant and at times dissonant seeks know-how for undermining the bold narratives that revolve around heroic, autonomous figures who exert extraordinary power to overcome obstacles. Where does the saying about the events which make us stronger unless they kill us come from, and what is the actual meaning of the word “stronger” anyway?

here all is distance there it was breath

The long life of industrial products, their slow decomposition and their subsequent journey into the earth - with all this, the artist gives nature and geological time a far more optimistic perspective than we as humans can attribute to ourselves. We now know that the garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean has exceeded the size of Texas and is approaching the size of all of North America.

Bone Tone Shelf Self

By imitating the gestures of objects and things that are already in the gallery space; by slowing down, pausing, lingering, alighting, unwinding... through these actions we can escape the entrenched trajectories we found ourselves on in the morning, rid ourselves momentarily of what we have already become, so that we can lose ourselves in thoughts of what we might be.