Ad finitum

The section of the motorway D11, which will run across the Trutnov and Žacléř regions will add a part of the East Bohemain frontier district, a forgotten bracket between the Krkonoše National Park and the Protected Landscape Area of the Broumov region, as another bead to an illusory rosary connecting Paris with Moscow. It is no more controversial than the other eight motoways under construction in the Czech Republic. May the presented requiem for our landscape be read ad exemplum.


What is shared, what is private and what are the possibilities of self-presentation in contemporary screen based culture? Adopting conventions of a YouTube vlog, Magdalena’s teenage diary entries surface raw and seemingly unedited. Stored in a number of disused mobile phones; songs, gifs, low-fi images and movies weave into and trail off in unfinished stories, anecdotes, soundbites and faces from childhood, where experience of mental illness is quickly interrupted by pop lyrics.

They Read

In the video They Read, he gradually and casually introduces several intergenerational pairs. Fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters speak about their origins and ability to speak their “native” languages. Members of the younger generation admit, in fluent, natural Czech or Slovak, that they’re not so confident when speaking the language of their parents – that it’s the “kitchen” dialect of the second generation of immigrants. And it’s these linguistic shifts that the artist sees as a symbol of the rift that appears between him and his parents.

Second Reconstruction

The image of pages in a textbook being turned by a machine and standardised scientific restoration processes may arouse concerns but simultaneously hope. The experience of Western modernity, whether optimistic or disastrous, is a significant heritage which we should take good care of. We already know only too well what crimes and violence modern western people were capable of committing or at least took part in. However, we should not forget that modern institutions, such as the state, schools, science or museums, have created the infrastructure for our better lives.

Soil, Clay, Land

The relationship of man towards land has always been a significant mover of the organization of social, cultural and spiritual life. Land is inseparably linked with our basic needs, it is the source of our nourishment, offers us a safe home and a space for the merger with the cycle of nature. Despite all this we have managed to bring this relationship to the verge of a crisis full of misunderstandings, visible in all spheres of our coexistence.

Milena's Song

The video of Milena's song works within the theoretical background of contemporary feminist thinking, namely with the legacy of cyberfeminism, which was formulated in the early 1990s by British feminist and cyberculture theorist Sadie Plant. Cyberfeminism grants emancipatory power to modern technology, but only as long as all people can access it, regardless of their class status, religious beliefs, cultural identifications, sexual orientation and/or gender.

Art Centrum: Days of Glory (1977)

We are presenting the monumental commission for the Iranian Shah in Teheran year 1977. Before the contract was unexpectedly terminated a year later due to the coup in Iran, Czechoslovakia managed to make great profit and the then Prime Minister Lubomír Štrougal acknowledged the economic contribution of Art Centrum, which was transferred in 1977 under the Federal Ministry of Foreign Trade and was thus saved from being closed down.

Uprooted Black Metal as a form of Language

Ondřej Doskočil knows the weight of inherited political layers of the black metal genre as well as of the problems contained in musealisation and sensation craving colonization of subcultures by marketing ideology. As an insider and a musician he can also distinguish, untangle and give voice to the symbol systems inside of this extreme metal subgenre that would otherwise not speak to uninvolved people at all, or that would not even be heard over the all-encompassing noise. The format of the mobile phone shot "exhibition walkthrough" could confuse while detecting what is the medium he refers to.


The title Distressed refers not only to desperate working conditions and the condition of the workers, but maybe even to one actual product of textile- the sought after and fashionable „distressed denim". Jeans that are supposed to look used and worn out. In some sort of twisted logic people in rich countries, from where textile factories have been pushed in the competition for the cheapest labour, wear ripped jeans. They uncousciously show the true character of the conditions of its production. As if they were transparents of the impoverished, hung on the naked bodies of the narcissists of the richer part of the worlds.

Smells like your hair burning

Burning hair might not be available on the scale of instant scents yet. They bring critical unease into the reading of Lenka’s and Tania’s environment. Just as the camera work in a strangely voyeuristic video in which the loudest emotion besides breaking into the private zone is hopelessness. The authors gave up direct control over the camera shots and gave it to a vacuum cleaner that moves through the space on its own and cleans up.