Gestures of Emancipation

The strategies used by art in public space include a broad range of artistic approaches. Art can show us more environmental and ethical ways of treating one another. It can offer an opportunity for collective participation and self-expression, for reflecting on history, and for community dialogue. It can influence our social, spatial, and political topologies by promoting new social models or designing and improving the physical infrastructure. However, it can also legitimize economic or political interests that are not beneficial to the general public.

De-platformization, Ethics and Alternative Social Media

We know and repeatedly analyze a host of issues with commercial social media and digital labour, but little attention is paid to efforts at building alternatives, such as community-run social media and other forms of de-platformization.
Against the totality of networks and corporately owned social media, what are workable strategies and ethical approaches that allow for alternative ways for our social life to emerge?

The New Dictionary of Old Ideas

Symposium wants to reflect the current cultural and political situation characterized by the rise of nationalistic politics, populism, Euro-scepticism and anti-immigration attitudes in Central Europe from the perspective of contemporary art and theory. This tendency can be observed not just locally but in the whole of Europe. We will foster an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas discussed in a group of art historians, sociologists, philosophers, and art theoreticians.