Michal Kindernay


From the City to the Detail

Diener has a long-term interest in the reconstruction of monuments and is a member of several foundations and commissions dedicated to this topic. The studio’s main projects include, for example, the completion of the eastern wing of the Natural History Museum in Berlin or the local Swiss embassy.


The Farmstudio Cultural Centre provides facilities for creative residencies, symposia, courses, art workshops, festivals, music, theatre and dance groups and other activities in the field of contemporary art and live culture.

All the stones are in their places

We would like to outline the conditions for a new sensibility and redefine our needs and future actions, based not only on the logic of endless production and consumption, exhausting fragile ecosystems. Last but not least, through this joint rearrangement of basic and small stones, we try to actively integrate non-growth strategies into our lives.

Barbora Šimková

In Šimková's work, her own precarious social position and precarity become the starting point of her work as a social symptom, which she explores through paintings, performances or through collective installations and various institutional interventions.

Limits of Coexistence

The key significance of the accelerating development of artificial intelligence and other digital systems lies in the fact that they allow us to newly recognize the plurality of other forms of non-human intelligence that we have been “secretly” surrounded by all along. We needed to invent thinking machines to notice that everything around us is thinking.

Veronika Bromová

Bromová is often associated with the transformation of the perception of female identity in the art of the 1990s in Central and Eastern Europe. She is interested in women’s sexualized position in society. In her ritualized performances of recent years, on the other hand, she emphasizes the archetypal healing power of femininity, fertility, relationships, and collectivity.

Let it Pop

The lecture, entitled Let it pop, focuses on the spaces that create a diverse life in which our social bubbles can pop. The lecture presents the last duo of the cycle Dialogue – the Dutch architect Kamiel Klaasse together with the Czech promoter of architecture Adam Gebrian.