The ship doesn’t belong to Theseus alone

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artists Thomas Burlon, Bernd Trasberger
place Technological centre of UMPRUM (AAAD in Prague)
tags architecture collaboration collective
cast Thomas Burlon, Bernd Trasberger
camera Jan Vosýnek
sound Jan Vosýnek
editing Jan Vosýnek
organizer KRUH
playlists Kruh (Circle) of Architecture
category Lectures
published 14. 3. 2023
duration 01:19:03
language Česky / English
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The first event of the new lectures cycle focusing on architecture called Finally! presents an unconventional dialogue between the German architect Thomas Burlon and the German-Belgian artist Bernd Trasberger. The evening entitled The ship doesn’t belong to Theseus alone focuses on collective authorship.

Thomas Burlon (Schneider Oelsen)

Since 2009, Thomas Burlon has been a partner of the now defunct, but during its existence very progressive, Berlin architectural studio Brandlhuber+Emde, Burlon. Among their most significant works is the radical reconstruction of the industrial building Antivilla near Berlin, which at first glance impresses with its exposed concrete facade and the concept of demolished openings instead of classic windows. In Berlin, they designed a building on Brunnenstrasse that includes apartments, a gallery and at that time their studio; or the conversion of the Brutalist church of St. Agnes at the König gallery, for which they received the Architekturpreis Berlin. Thomas Burlon currently works at his studio Schneider Oelsen.

Bernd Trasberger

German-Belgian visual artist whose work focuses mainly on architecture, public space and their role in society. He uses or reproduces architectural and design artefacts in his works, which he subsequently modifies in the context of their historical development and social importance. In one of his first works, Am Neuen Wasserturm, he created a walk-through miniature of the city of Mönchengladbach. His frottages of tombstones of architects (Tombs of Architects) pay tribute, for example, to the pioneer of modernism, Mies van der Rohe.

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The ship doesn’t belong to Theseus alone


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Anton Vidokle - Institute of the Cosmos

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