umělci Grzegorz Mart
instituce _Neurčené místo
ůčinkující Grzegorz Mart
kamera studioFILMLOVE
zvuk studioFILMLOVE, Kevin MacLeod
střih studioFILMLOVE
kategorie Reportáže
publikováno 24. 5. 2012
jazyk Česky / English

Spring atelier’s airing: First cheap art fairs in Katowice were held 1st of April 2012. Over a dozen of artists were invited to participate in this event, who are going to show their works of art for sale for no more than 40 euro. For this one evening the place changed into a warehouse full of minor pictures, outlines, fragile objects and germs of installations. Only one thing connects them: although now they give the impression of modest and unfinished they can become a real treasure for every potential purchaser in the future.